Best Luxury Hotel & Restaurant

Getting down on the interstate voyagers

Abandoning the threat of the urban areas, travels and lengthy drives can be enhancing. Treat yourself with a drive through the Haryana interstate where the streets are enhanced with lavish green trees, while you go through provincial environmental elements with perspectives on lovely edges, verdant fields, and the herd of birds nibbling the wide blue sky. Likewise, you can generally take a personal time by having a refueling break at The Diwan Motels, the best thruway inn in Hisar and Rohtak, outfitted with a great café, truly outstanding in Bhiwani offering luscious veggie lover food while the small children appreciate in the play region with swings and slides. Furthermore, after the delectable feast, on the off chance that you have lay at the forefront of your thoughts, the lodging additionally gives extravagant rooms at reasonable costs.

Situated among Hansi and Rohtak, area is quite possibly the most engaging properties of Diwan Motels. It is the best inn in all the close by region including, Jind, Bhiwani, and Hisar. Along these lines, while you’re going on the National Highway 10, either for work or relaxation, Diwan Motel acts like the most open choice. Having the best café in Hisar serving unadulterated veggie lover food, you can stop here for a light meal just as overnight stay.

Ideal spot for Kids to appreciate:

Stressed what your children will do, while you enjoy Hotel spa alsace a reprieve from thruway travel? Allow them to free and allow them to partake in the swings and slides in our children play region.

For the love of family

Diwan Motel and Restaurant hosting the best gathering lobby in whole Rohtak has arisen as an optimal decision for getting sorted out family capacities, gatherings and wedding functions for individuals close to Hansi, Rohtak, Meham, and Mundhal. With a client rating of over four Stars (Put the connection of audit), Diwan Motel has accomplished fundamentally in winning hearts of its clients. Offering unrivaled types of assistance and offices, one should simply unwind and partake in the occasion while we, the best inn in Rohtak with the best vegan eatery, deals with getting sorted out everything.

Planned with exemplary insides that don’t think twice about usefulness, our party corridor is the awesome Rohtak which is the reason inside two months of opening, we have played host to in excess of 25 birthday celebrations, wedding services, and family social affairs.

For the Foodies

The food devotees who love real vegan food will discover utter satisfaction in Diwan Restaurant, the best in Jind and Bhiwani. Offering a menu that prods your taste buds, the food here is ready from Haryana’s Shudh desi ghee. Our food tastes incredible as well as feels extraordinary.

Ideal spot to remain:

With a complimenting foundation, top-class cordiality, best party corridor in Rohtak, best vegan eatery, and sumptuous rooms, Diwan Motel is reclassifying class, solace, and comfort, which makes it the best lodging in Rohtak, Hisar, and Hansi.

Have a staycation at Diwan Motel to treat yourself and your family. See You!