Raising Millions in Private Money

While I do not practice real estate at the moment, I see the importance of market transformation for both the realty and affiliate sectors. I remember the good times I had as a realty agent. Working on between 4-6 active contracts each month. Attending from 4 to 6 home inspections, helping customers with financing options, meeting lenders, and co-ordinating every 4 or 6 transactions per day. Then getting paid. In the middle all this, I had 4 to 5 buyers to work alongside and 3 or 4, sellers who wanted market analysis on homes. Is it true that agents working in the commercial and residential markets don’t have to work hard?

Make a schedule like this. Now picture this. Can you picture a world with an agent showing buyers 20-30 houses, and the buyer doesn’t buy?

You might be able to picture agents working for up to 6 buyers. Can you visualize writing contracts and having back-and-forth communication about situations that don’t work? Sellers just want to make the agent’s recommendation that their home sit. Builders who do not have the land to develop? Taxes while you don’t have the money to pay your contractor and your support staff are becoming increasingly costly. Agents are paid with their own money. Houses don’t go to market. Did I mention agents have to pay $2000 a yearly fee for the privilege of being an agent? This covers incidentals such renewals of licenses, MLS membership dues, continuing education credits and continued education credits. Consider the loan officer who tries to refinance people, but cannot get them a loan. You can think of the home inspector, who waits for agents to write business. Everyone is in pain.

Is there any hope? Is there anything you can do to change this? Yes!

I have another scenario. You are a real estate buyer or seller. Green certified agents will help you understand green characteristics in homes. You are ready to list your home for sale or purchase, and you need an agent who is also a friend or family member to assist you. They inform you that they have a certification of 6,000 and are certified by Green Real Estate Education. They are happy that they only paid $99 for information about how energy efficiency and green these issues affect homes they may be interested in buying or selling. Because of the current economic climate, they did not choose to spend hundreds or even thousands to learn about energy efficiency. You can already see the benefit of working with this professional. This Certified Real Estate Professional has been trained in helping you understand how you can reduce your utility bills and enjoy a better indoor air quality. They work with 2 or 3 Green Certified Home Inspections (GCHI’s ), which is a group of about three agents. They also have two Green Certified Mortgage Professionals, (GCMP), who can help you finance energy efficient improvements or loans for newer homes.Get more Information at http://guglu.ca.

This agent enjoys working alongside buyers who want a monthly utility bill of between $500-$1000. Already sparking interest? The idea of green building can lead to healthier indoor air quality. It is interesting. Find a home that is Energy Star, Environments for Living certified, Green Build certified, or LEED Green certified. While it is the same price as other homes, this home has an energy-efficient system and low utility bills. It also uses solar power and is conveniently located. What are you going to choose?

You contact a Green Certified Residential Agent, or GCREP. They will tell you what you can do for your home to sell in a year. They will recommend that you change all your light bulbs to compact fluorescent or LED ones. Paint with non-toxic paint. Insulation should also be added. These suggestions may seem a little more unusual than usual advice. They also have that certification, which is used by 6,000 across the country.

Although you may not wish to sell immediately, the Green Certified agent inspector or mortgage professional has taken the level two certification. These professionals can advise that you obtain an energy audit. Based on the results, they will recommend that you make improvements to the roof, insulation, and windows. They will tell you about the state that offers PACE programs. What is PACE? Property Assessed Clean Energy is a program that allows property owners to pay for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency and other costs. This can be done as a line item in their property bill or utility bill depending on the state law. Wow, half of my relatives work in the construction sector. It’s a great way for them have work. Are we talking about job creation? You didn’t even know this.